Week in Ethereum News
July 10, 2021

Eth News and Links

Mainnet execution layer

  • Mainnet upgrades to London at block 12965000, 1-5pm UTC 4 August
  • Latest core devs call. Notes from Tim Beiko:
    • Rinkeby testnet upgraded to London
    • gasPrice field will use effective gas price for mined EIP1559 transactions but field will eventually be removed; instead use effectivegasprice from the transaction receipt
    • London-ready mainnet clients due to be released next week
    • For average 15m gas in a block London miners would need to target 30m, as EIP1559 aims for 50% full blocks 
    • Geth and Erigon EIP1559 transaction pool sorting approaches
    • Walkthrough of PoW switch off readiness checklist
    • Planning approach discussion for PoW turn off, Shanghai upgrade and client maintenance
  • Erigon receipt repair utility for receipt users who upgraded from 2021.06.04 to 2021.06.05
  • Initial analysis of SELFDESTRUCT usage for Verkle Tree proposal which includes removing most of the self destruct functionality
  • Migrate EOAs to validation focused smart contract wallets with EIP3074
  • Address Space Extension working group call
  • Piper’s notes on the header accumulator to use in the Portal Network

Proof of stake consensus layer


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Stuff for developers



  • Singapore and France central banks test cross border payment using simulated Singapore Dollar and Euro CDBCs on J.P. Morgan’s Onyx

Application layer



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