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April 26, 2021

Eth News and Links

Mainnet execution layer


  • ERC3440: NFT editions standard
  • EIP3520: transactions destination opcode
  • EIP3529: No SELFDESTRUCT refunds, reduce SSTORE refunds, add a max refund per transaction of 20% of gas used
  • EIP3521: Reduce access list cost

Proof of stake consensus layer


  • Celer’s layer2 finance is live: transfer your DAI, USDC, USDT or BUSD to Celer’s optimistic rollup and then you can deposit gas-free to Aave, Compound or Curve
  • StarkEx’s oracle price feed
  • Scalar: Connext’s state channel microtransactions powering TheGraph

This newsletter is made possible thanks to Celer!

Celer recently launched Layer2.finance on Ethereum mainnet.

Layer2.finance tackles the two biggest challenges preventing DeFi from reaching mass adoption: the extraordinarily high transaction fees and being very difficult to navigate and use. Layer2.finance is a novel solution that allows people to access all existing DeFi protocols at a fraction of the cost by acting like a “DeFi Public Transportation System”. With Celer’s advanced layer-2 rollup technology, multiple people split the cost of individual layer1DeFi transactions in a completely trust-free and non-custodial way.

Users can use Aave, Compound and Curve now completely for free via layer2.finance.

Follow Celer on twitter, blog, discord and telegram.

Stuff for developers




Application layer



Job Listings

Want your job listing here? $345 per line (~75 character limit including spaces), payable in ETH (or 345 DAI or 345 USDC) to evan.ethereum.eth. Questions? thecryptonewspodcast at-gmail

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