February 22, 2019

Ethereum News and Links

Constantinople upgrade fork this week

  • Constantinople’s network upgrade is scheduled to happen around Feb 28th at block 7280000. Update your clients so you don’t get left behind. Here’s the Foundation’s FAQ if you’re curious about what this means for you. The link also has links to the most recent client versions.

Layer 1


Plasma and sidechains

State channels

  • FunFair is planning to opensource a more generalized version of its FateChannels
  • “I just closed a mainnet Raiden Network channel. Through it I received or mediated 6600 payments and sent 430 payments with 1 wei being the smallest amount. It cost ~$0.30 in tx fees to open, close and settle the channel.” – Jacob Czepluch.
  • New Raiden release: v0.100.2 – webUI, bugfixes, and now you can run Raiden on Raspberry Pi
  • Celer continues to run a weekly Gomoku contest where the top 64 scores get Eth. (Disclosure: I’ve won both weeks so far)

Stuff for developers


Live on mainnet

  • Augur frontend Guesser is live. It’s got some prediction markets about the Oscars.
  • Convergent: personal tokens on a pre-set price curve. “Invest in your friends.”
  • Leverj’s exchange went live as mentioned above in Plasma section.
  • NuoNetwork’s non-custodial margin trading to leverage up 2x
  • MolochDAO deployed to main net, and thus is now accepting membership and grant requests. Whitepaper on using a grants DAO to fund public goods.


Governance and Standards

Application layer

Interviews, Podcasts, Videos, Talks 

Tokens / Business / Regulation


Dates of Note

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