Week in Ethereum News
September 25, 2021

Eth News and Links

Mainnet execution layer

  • December upgrade proposed as difficulty bomb delay only, named Arrow Glacier
  • Erigon v2021.09.04: reimplements transaction pool as separable (separate process/computer and multiple processes for one node)
  • Nethermind v1.11.3: performance optimization in JSON-RPC and transactions broadcasting


Proof of stake consensus layer


  • An exhaustive list of projects on Arbitrum (caveat emptor, as always)
  • Avoid long optimistic rollup withdrawal delays: use Celer cBridge 2.0 with improved user experience and LPs have option not to run a cBridge node
  • Aztec increases caps to 30 ETH, 100k DAI and 2 renBTC for private transactions on its zk rollup
  • Bitfinex directly supports bridge to DeversiFi (StarkWare-based layer2), starting with USDT
  • Solidity to Cairo transpiler switched from transpiling EVM opcodes to using a combination of Solidity & Yul AST
  • Censorship resistance: Arbitrum and Optimism users can force transactions to layer1 whilst StarkWare layer2s use app specific mechanisms
  • Geohot returns: cannon, on chain interactive fraud prover

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Stuff for developers

  • Ganache v7.0.0 alpha.1: local blockchain (formerly ganache-cli), London EIP1559 support
  • web3.js v1.5.3: fix for sending legacy transactions on London networks
  • Discussion on whether Solidity libraries should behave like contracts
  • Hardhat Ignition: deployment system for structuring, automating, and distributing contract deployment setups, in development for 2022
  • eth-hooks (TypeScript): commonly used hooks such as balances, provider, contract loader and ENS resolver, from scaffold-eth
  • gas-estimation: MyCrypto EIP1559 library, uses last 10 blocks from an Ethereum node
  • Moloch v3 proposal (codenamed Baal): adds Compound-style delegation, DAO controlled share and loot transferability
  • nile (for Cairo): compile and manage artifacts for StarkNet projects, install Cairo language
  • Guide to create ERC20 payment splitter using OpenZeppelin & Hardhat
  • Full Knowledge User Proofs: pattern using call data with a user proof than paying gas to read from storage
  • Guide to using GitHub with Remix
  • Beginner: first Solidity contract using Hardhat with tests & verification
  • MyCrypto’s guide to creating a profile pic NFT 


  • Detection of an NFT drop, using on chain and off chain information, same was detected for Time NFTs
  • pNetwork bridge $12 million exploit, event logs for attack contract processed in error by Rust code on pNetwork’s bridge client, only one BSC bridge exploited



Application layer

Job Listings

Reach people experienced with Ethereum.  $345 per line (~75
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