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May 17, 2020

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  • Geth v1.9.14 – unindex and save disk space
  • OpenEthereum v3. Formerly the Parity client. Support for eth/64, breaking database changes to save disk space. Deprecating light client, auto updater, and private transactions
  • cross-client consensus tests v7
  • Latest core devs call. Beiko’s notes from the call, largely around EIPs for next hard fork, eg: 2315 (evm subroutines), 2537 (precompile for curve in eth2), 2046 (reduce gas for static calls to precompiles) and 2565 (repricing the 198 precompile)
  • EVM+384 bit arithmetic as an alternative to EIP2537’s precompile
  • Discussion of a second method for resource accounting alongside gas: oil from Suhabe Bugrara, separately formulated as karma from Martin Swende. Or a counterproposal from Vitalik: per account gas limits
  • The case for Eth-collateralized tokenized gas at the protocol level



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