Week in Ethereum News
February 19, 2022

Mainnet execution layer

  • Latest core devs call video . Notes from Tim Beiko:
    • RANDOM opcode being renamed to PREVRANDAO
    • Kurtosis PoW switch off testing demo with a local multiclient testnet
    • Withdrawals discussion on draft EIPs & execution layer withdrawal contract
    • Proposed EIP4803 cap on gas limit in a transaction
  • Geth v1.10.16: bug fixes
  • mev-geth v1.10.15-mev0.5.0: calculate megabundles when received
  • Erigon v2022.02.03: Sepolia testnet support, stability fixes
  • Besu v22.1.0
  • PluGeth: fork of Geth designed for plugins, Cardinal plugin for streaming replication system
  • Otterscan Sepolia testnet explorer
  • Sample block with a Verkle proof and utility to decode & verify

Proof of Stake consensus layer

  • Staking pools dashboard: very high usage of supermajority client by exchanges, estimated usage over 90% for Coinbase & Kraken & over 75% for Binance
  • Nimbus v1.7.0: 3-5x faster startup, <1GB memory usage on mainnet, trusted node sync, Keymanager API supports remote keystores 
  • Lodestar client setup video
  • Vouch (multi-node validator): avoids client diversity issues by not using supermajority client for attestations
  • Beaconcha.in bug believed to be source for claims of uncaught slashings
  • Nimbus Era files: early research for storing & retrieving historical data
  • Danksharding workshop video & slides.  Notes from Polynya

PoW switch off

  • merge-devnet-4 (precursor to public Kiln testnet) is live, had multiple forks but transitioned to PoS without intervention


  • EIP4824: Decentralized Autonomous Organizations
  • EIP4812: Exodus
  • EIP4803: Limit transaction gas to a maximum of 2^63-1
  • EIP4800: Non-Fungible Token Wrapping Standard


  • OKX and Bitget add Arbitrum support
  • Urbit naive rollup is live
  • Optimism fee explainer, how fees were lowered by 30%, fixed overhead now 2100 gas per transaction with a fee scalar of 1.24

This newsletter is made possible thanks to Kwenta by Synthetix!

Kwenta Community Raise

Kwenta is a derivatives trading platform, live on Optimism, offering real-world and on-chain synthetic assets using the power of the Synthetix protocol. 

The Sovereignty Phase, an 8-week campaign marking the launch of Synthetic Perpetual Futures, Kwenta V2, and the KWENTA token, has just been kicked off and will include a community raise, trading competitions, liquidity mining rewards, and more. 

To start the Sovereignty Phase, Kwenta is hosting a community raise, providing pool contributors with early access to the token. 

The raise is live here on Aelin: raise.kwenta.io

Stuff for developers

  • Solidity v0.8.12: reduces size of JavaScript/Wasm binaries, solc-js partially ported to TypeScript and bug fixes
  • Foundry fuzzer: improved random uint generation, discard fuzz runs that don’t meet criteria using assume cheatcode
  • Blacksmith: user contract generator for Foundry, test contract interaction like an EOA user
  • Foundry Rust Monorepo Template for developing Rust applications using Foundry for contract development
  • Truffle v5.5.0: use Truffle Dashboard to deploy with MetaMask, supports hardware wallets and Hardhat
  • Brownie v1.18.0: Ganache v7 support, override storage for eth_call, config EVM version per language and use latest compiler setting
  • Nethereum (.Net library) v4.2.0: human readable ABI, EIP712 improvements, support for GnosisSafe, MultiSend & Sign-In with Ethereum
  • ctc: Python package and CLI for historical data analysis of EVM chains
  • Heliaia: analyze transactions before broadcasting, sits between wallet & node
  • Detect off-chain evaluation using view function values such as msg.sender
  • StealthDrop: ERC20 airdrops that can be claimed anonymously using zk proofs, currently has vulnerability
  • noble-ed25519 v1.6.0: ZIP-215 support, audited by Cure53
  • Map of ENS contracts
  • Deep dive into OlympusDAO contracts
  • Accounts in Ethereum explainer  




Application layer

  • Risk Harbor v2 supports Tracer Finance on Arbitrum
  • Strips Finance (interest rate DEX) beta live on Arbitrum
  • Vortex (on-chain basis trading strategy) live on Arbitrum
  • Clipper (small trade DEX) live on Optimism
  • Enzyme v4 Sulu (asset management) live on mainnet
  • Future of MakerDAO: focus on due-diligence of protocols wanting to mint
  • Synthetix dynamic exchange fee explainer
  • Instadapp Uniswap staking rewards portal to create, stake & manage
  • 0xSplits: split incoming funds between recipients using preset percentages 
  • Livepeer migrated to Arbitrum
  • OpenSea updates contract, NFT listings will expire Feb 25 unless migrated
  • x2y2: NFT marketplace with airdrop for listings and rewards for staking
  • Propy sells US house via NFT auction

Job Listings

Reach developers experienced with Ethereum.  $600 for four issues (~75 character limit), payable in ETH/DAI/USDC to abcoathup.eth on mainnet, Arbitrum or Optimism.  Questions? abcoathup at-gmail



  • Social engineering scam using token approvals
  • 80 column default can be traced back to foolscap paper size from late 1400s 

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