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July 29, 2023

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Dencun (Cancun + Deneb) upgrade

  • Latest all core devs – consensus (ACDC) call video. Notes from Christine Kim:
    • Dencun upgrade discussions: MEV-Boost testing needed, decided against adding parent beacon block root to execution payload and when to rollout the fork choice change for confirmation rule
    • EIPs can be presented in ACDC calls prior to scoping Electra upgrade
    • Discussed EIP6914 (reuse withdrawn validator indices) updates and prototype of EIP6110 (validator deposits onchain)
    • Increasing CL client spec compliance
  • EIP4844:

Layer 1


Layer 2

  • Public goods network (OP Stack rollup) live, aims to generate funding for public goods
  • Optimism law of chains proposed neutrality framework for Superchain (OP Stack) participants


  • EIPs:
    • EIP7377: Migration transaction (one-time transaction for EOA to deploy code to their address)
    • EIP7378: Add time-weighted averaging to the base fee
  • ERCs (application layer):
    • ERC7390: Vanilla options
    • ERC7399: Flash loans
    • ERC7401: Parent-governed NFT nesting
    • ERC7405: Portable contract accounts
    • ERC7406: Multi-namespace onchain registry
    • ERC7409: Public NFT emote repository
    • ERC7410: ERC20 update allowance by spender
    • ERC7412: On-demand offchain data retrieval
    • ERC7417: Token converter (convert between ERC20 & ERC223)

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Rysk Finance

Rysk Finance is an AMM for ETH options.

Rysk just launched on Arbitrum with:

  • Constant onchain pricing mechanism 
  • Tight spreads via deep concentrated liquidity 

Rysk’s options AMM also offers uncorrelated returns for liquidity providers. While not risk-free, our automated delta hedging mechanism aims to reduce risks in pursuit of superior risk-adjusted returns.

Trade options or provide liquidity for uncorrelated returns at Rysk Finance.

Stuff for developers


  • EraLend on zkSync Era $3.4 million exploit via read-only re-entrancy
  • Conic Finance post mortem for ETH omnipool (read-only reentrancy) & crvUSD omnipool (sandwich) exploits


Notable at app layer

Job Listings

Job listings: $600 for four issues (75 character limit), payable to abcoathup.eth.  Questions? abcoathup at-gmail



  • Lazarus group suspected in payment processor exploits: $60M AlphaPo & $37M CoinsPaid
  • Apple fixes zero-day

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