Week in Ethereum News
June 26, 2021

Eth News and Links

Mainnet execution layer

  • Latest core devs call. Notes from Tim Beiko
    • Ropsten testnet upgraded to London, then stress tested
    • London upgrade block for mainnet ~ August 4, to be chosen after upgrading Goerli testnet
    • EIP3074 discussion
  • Tim Beiko’s All Core Devs Update: spec to turn off proof of work is finished on the staking side, working on the spec for mainnet clients, next upgrade in December to delay difficulty bomb will either be Shanghai or PoW turn off depending on which is ready
  • Evan’s benefits of EIP1559 tweet storm: UX, rollups, security, incentivize layer2 adoption and disincentivize short-term re-orgs
  • Fluffy: ultra-light client mode of Nimbus client on portal network
  • Account abstraction using EVM Object Format
  • State expiry depends on address periods, using a prefix for address periods is an alternative to extending addresses from 20 to 32 bytes

Proof of stake consensus layer

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Stuff for developers

  • Solidity v0.8.6: fixes unreachable code warning and optimizer setting
  • Remix IDE v0.13.0: London version of JavaScript VM
  • Coinbase Solidify: detects contract features using a signature database, score risks and suggests mitigation strategies
  • Front end for Gov Alpha deployer: create a token, governor, and timelock in one transaction
  • Custom error (introduced in Solidity v0.8.4) tutorial using Remix or Hardhat
  • Ecrecover tutorial
  • Opyn’s Developer Toolkit for building options projects on top of Opyn




Application layer



  • Andreessen Horowitz $2.2 billion fund to invest in crypto
  • Private Signaling: server-aided solution to the private signaling problem that guarantees full privacy for all recipients
  • Brave search beta: no tracking or profiling of users, plans for paid ad-free search and free ad-supported search

Job Listings

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