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July 6, 2024

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Pectra upgrade size discussion (potentially cap scope)

All core devs

  • All core devs – execution (ACDE) #191:
    • Pectra (Prague + Electra) upgrade:
      • pectra-devnet-1: now expect to launch in 1-2 weeks, locally tested with 2 execution layer + 3 consensus layer clients
      • EIP7702: delegation designation proposal to be merged & included in pectra-devnet-2
      • RIP7212 secp256r1 precompile: discussion on including in Pectra, whether to use RIP precompile address & what return value to use; review inclusion at next ACDE
      • EIP7002 EL triggered withdrawals & EIP7251 maxEB: agreed to add events
      • Pectra size discussion: potentially capping (strong support) or reducing (some support) scope
    • Discussions: history expiry and improving blob transaction propagation
      • To progress non-upgrade specific features need to target specific devnets, provide updates at all core devs & more breakouts

Osaka + F starname upgrade

  • Verkle implementers call #20: blockhash handling to use EIP4788 behavior, sync during transition needs to be combination of snap & full sync and avoiding extra EOF extcodesize/hash costs

Centralization watch: threatening the value of your ETH

Layer 1

Client Releases

  • Execution layer:
    • Geth v1.14.6: adds experimental stateless witness builder & (self) cross validator

For Stakers

  • Obol Charon v1: distributed validator middleware
  • EthStaker staking survey results: 32% genesis stakers, 74% don’t work in crypto & 95% male


  • EIPs (Ethereum improvement proposals):
    • EIP7732: Enshrined proposer-builder separation (ePBS)
    • EIP7735: Gas fee sponsorship
    • EIP7736: Leaf-level state expiry in verkle trees 
  • ERCs (application layer standards):
    • ERC7731: Vulnerability and exposure identifier
    • ERC7734: Decentralized identity verification (DID)

Stuff for developers

  • Foundry forge-std v1.9.0: adds cheatcodes for a uint prompt, generate a random address/uint, invariant excludeSelector helper and deprecates console2; v1.9.1: adds missing console logs
  • EVMRepl (formerly Gas Playground): adds Solidity compilation errors
  • Wevm webauthn-p256 (TypeScript): P256 signature utilities for WebAuthn
  • Stealth Address SDK v1 beta (TypeScript): work with EIP5564 & EIP6538 stealth addresses



Job Listings

Job listings: $600 for 4 issues (75 char limit).  Pay using 3cities.  Questions? abcoathup at-gmail

Onchain stats

  • Fees (via ultrasound.money):
    • Gas: 1.1 to 73.4 gwei, 5.5 gwei average; zero net issuance at 23.8 gwei 
    • 14k ETH net issuance this week
  • ETHUSD: $2,831 – $3,512, currently $2,990, all time high $4,878
  • ETHBTC: currently 0.053 (Flippening at ~0.16)

Notable at app layer

  • Element DAO’s Hyperdrive (fixed/variable rate 6 month yields) live on mainnet
  • Moshicam (onchain Instagram): mint photos with custom borders on Base
  • WannaBet: peer-to-peer betting, onchain escrow, designated judge



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